At Logan Social Services, we pair high quality with low prices. No other organization offers a better bargain. Let us meet your needs with one important promise in mind. The only difference between our courses and those costing $200 or the price!

Courses by the hour
Traffic School (4 Hour)$29.95
Traffic School (8 Hour)$49.95
Traffic School (16 Hour)$69.95
Defensive Driver Class (8 Hour)$49.95
New Driver Safety Classes (8 Hour)$49.95
DUI/DWI Diversion Classes (8 Hour)$49.95
DUI/DWI Diversion Classes (16 Hour)$69.95
DUI/DWI Diversion Classes (24 Hour)$89.95
Aggressive Driving Classes (8 Hour)$29.95
Aggressive Driving Classes (16 Hour)$49.95
Aggressive Driving Classes (24 Hour)$69.95

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
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